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Embedded Projects

1 Design and Implementation of a Web-Service-Based Public-Oriented Personalized Health Care Platform EMI01 2013
2 An Integrated Electrooculography and Desktop Input Bimodal Interface to Support Robotic Arm Control EMI02 2013
3 A Pervasive Health System Integrating Patient Monitoring, Status Logging, and Social Sharing EMI03 2013
4 A Framework for Daily Activity Monitoring and Fall Detection Based on Surface Electromyography and Accelerometer Signals EMI04 2013
5 EEG-Based Brain-Controlled Mobile Robots: A Survey EMI05 2013
6 Using a Smartphone to Measure Heart Rate Changes during Relived Happiness and Anger EMI06 2013
7 A Dual-Mode Human Computer Interface Combining Speech and Tongue Motion for People with Severe Disabilities EMI07 2013
8 Remote Patient Monitoring and Logging System using ZigBee EMI08 2013
9 The Domesticated Robot for Paralysis Patients Using Mems Accelerometer EMI09 2013
1 Status Monitoring and Control in Industrial Application Using Mobile Relay Node - LPC2148 EMI01 2013
2 Real Time Tracking & Health Monitoring System of Remote Soldier Using Arm7 EMI02 2013
3 Design Analysis of RFID Automotive Traffic Security System Using ARM Platform EMI03 2013
4 ARM Based Wireless Sensor Networks for Temperature Measurement EMI04 2013
5 Arm 7 Based Robotic Arm Control By Electronic Gesture Recognition Unit Using Mems EMI05 2013
6 AN online RFID and Zigbee based Manufacturing Monitoring system using ARM7 micro controller EMI06 2013
7 ARM based Event Data Recorder for Automobiles EMI07 2013
8 Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network Communication Terminal based on RTOS EMI08 2013
Consumer Electronics Projects
1 Robust Tri-Modal Automatic Speech Recognition for Consumer Applications EMI01 2013
2 DEHEMS: Creating a Digital Environment for Large-Scale Energy Management at Homes EMI02 2013
3 Smart Heating and Air Conditioning Scheduling Method Incorporating Customer Convenience for Home Energy Management System EMI03 2013
4 Accessible Display Design to Control Home Area Networks EMI04 2013
5 Multi Account Embedded ATM Card EMI05 2013
6 Data Acquisition, Controlling and Wired Remote Data Display EMI06 2013
7 Digital Programmable Power Supply EMI07 2013
8 Automatic Meter Reading and Theft Control System by Using GSM EMI08 2013
Protocol Based Projects
1 Efficient Protocols For Secure Broadcast In CAN EMI01 2013
2 Locking and Unlocking of Theft Vehicles Using CAN EMI02 2013
3 Industrial Process Parameter Control using Ethernet EMI03 2013
4 Motor Speed Control Based On Temperature Using Can Protocol EMI04 2013
Embedded Systems
1 The Use of Automotive Radars in Video-Based Overtaking Assistance Applications EMI01 2013
2 Improving Mouse-Based Computer Interaction in Users With Weak Upper Limb Motion Control Using a Haptic Assistive System EMI02 2013
3 Passenger BUS Alert System for Easy Navigation of Blind EMI03 2013
4 Design of a Secured E-voting System EMI04 2013
5 Voice and Touch Screen Based Direction and Speed Control of Wheel Chair for Physically Challenged Using Arduino EMI05 2013
6 Pollution Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Network EMI06 2013
7 Multiple Sensor Feeding Supported Building Automation System Using Arduino Platform EMI07 2013
8 Open Sensing Platform for Home Energy Monitoring in the Internet of Things EMI08 2013
9 Energy Efficient Micro controller Based Automation System EMI09 2013
10 Embedded System Of A Wireless-Based Theft Monitoring EMI10 2013
11 Early Detection & Alarming Of A Transverse Crack In A Railway Track EMI11 2013
12 Design and Implementation of Car Anti-Theft system using Microcontroller EMI12 2013
13 Design and Implementation of a vehicle monitoring system for Toll Collection EMI13 2013
14 Design and evaluation of a smart home voice interface for the elderly EMI14 2013
15 Automatic Broken Track Detection Using LED-LDR Assembly EMI15 2013
16 Movement based and Voice enabled Device Switching for basic needs of Physically Challenged Persons EMI16 2013
17 Overview of Automation Systems and Home Appliances Control using PC and Microcontroller EMI17 2013
18 Development and Investigation on an Embedded System based Control for Networking Mobile Robots EMI18 2013
19 Visually Gesture Recognition for an Interactive Robot Grasping Application EMI19 2013
20 A Vision Based Static Hand Gesture Alphabet Recognition EMI20 2013
21 Efficient Gesture Interpretation for Gesture-based Human-Service Robot Interaction EMI21 2013
1 Hardware Design of Smart Home Energy Management System With Dynamic Price Response EMI01 2013
2 Automatic Meter Reading and Theft Control System by Using GSM EMI02 2013
3 Touch Screen And Accelerometer Based Wireless Motor Speed And Direction Controlling System Using Arduino EMI03 2013
4 Distributed Transformer Monitoring System Based On Zigbee Technology EMI04 2013
5 Design of a Prepaid Power Meter with Communication facility based on GSM Network EMI05 2013
1 ARM based Event Data Recorder for Automobiles EMI01 2013
2 Automated Control System for Air Pollution Detection in Vehicles EMI02 2013
3 Biomimicry Inspired Motorcycle Helmet Design Concept EMI03 2013
4 Remote Tracking and Breaking System for Vehicles EMI04 2013
5 Obstacle Avoidance With Anti Theft Mechanism System And Cabin Safety System For Automobiles EMI05 2013
6 Emergency Vehicle Recognition System EMI06 2013
7 Automatic speed control system in 4 wheelers for avoiding rash driving EMI07 2013
1 Towards a New Modality-Independent Interface for a Robotic Wheelchair EMI01 2013
2 Assisting versus Repelling Force-Feedback for Learning of a Line Following Task in a Wheelchair EMI02 2013
3 Wireless Multi Axis ROBOT for Multi-Purpose Operations EMI03 2013
4 Wireless Control of a Robotic Arm Using Inertial Sensor EMI04 2013
5 Social Service Robots in Wellness and Restaurant Applications EMI05 2013
6 Visually Gesture Recognition for an Interactive Robot Grasping Application EMI06 2013
7 BellBot - A Hotel Assistant System Using Mobile Robots EMI07 2013
8 An Embedded Computer Controlled Four Fingered Robot Hand EMI08 2013
Wireless Sensor Network
1 Hardware Design of Smart Home Energy Management System With Dynamic Price Response EMI01 2013
2 Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for building monitoring EMI02 2013
3 Online Monitoring of Geological CO2 Storage and Leakage Based on Wireless Sensor Networks EMI03 2013
4 Evolution of Wireless Micro Sensors and their Applications EMI04 2013
5 Automated Activity Recognition and Monitoring of Elderly Using Wireless Sensors: Research Challenges EMI05 2013
6 On the Impact of Local Processing for Motor Monitoring Systems in Industrial Environments Using Wireless Sensor Networks EMI06 2013
7 Design and implementation of a wireless sensor and actuator network for energy measurement and control at home EMI07 2013
8 RISE: A RelIable and Secure Scheme for Wireless Machine to Machine Communications EMI08 2013
1 Voice Call Implementation Using Bluetooth Scatternet EMI01 2013
2 Smart Living Using Bluetooth Based Android Smartphone EMI02 2013
3 Monitoring and Controlling in Food Storage System using Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Zigbee & Bluetooth Modules EMI03 2013
4 Mobile Robot Temperature Monitoring System Controlled by Android Application via Bluetooth. EMI04 2013
5 Near Field Communication (NFC) based Mobile Phone Attendance System for Employees EMI05 2013
6 Bluetooth communication based on arm processor for broadcast system EMI06 2013
7 An Automated Biometric Attendance Management System with Dual Authentication Mechanism Based on Bluetooth and NFC Technologies EMI07 2013
1 Design of Autonomous Low Power Sensor for Soil Moisture Measurement EMI01 2013
2 An Evaluation Method of Research on Wearable Wireless Body Area Network in Healthcare EMI02 2013
3 Wireless Sensor Based Remote Monitoring System for Agriculture Using ZigBee and GPS EMI03 2013
4 ZIGBEE Operated FPGA Based Nodes in Wireless Industrial Automation Monitoring and Control EMI04 2013
5 Zigbee Based Wireless Sensing of Zonal Electrical Parameters Using State-of-the-art Metering System towards Smartgrid Management EMI05 2013
6 Zigbee Based Intelligent Driver Assistance System EMI06 2013
7 Zigbee based implementation on exhaust gas detection services oriented system research EMI07 2013
8 Zigbee based Home security Alert system: An Integrated Approach EMI08 2013
9 ZIGBEE based Home Automation and Energy Conservation using Wireless Sensor Network EMI09 2013
10 Zigbee Based Home Appliances Controlling Through Spoken Commands Using Handheld Devices EMI10 2013
11 Wireless Fingerprint Based Security System Using Zigbee Technology EMI11 2013
12 Wireless Fingerprint Based College Attendance System Using Zigbee Technology EMI12 2013
13 The Implementation of Smart Home System Based on 3G and ZigBee in Wireless Network Systems EMI13 2013
14 The Implementation of Automatic Fire Rescuing and Information System in a Train using Zigbee and Sensors Networks EMI14 2013
15 Talking Handheld Device For Visually Challenged Person EMI15 2013
16 Smart Home Energy Management System for Monitoring and Scheduling of Home Appliances Using Zigbee EMI16 2013
17 Remote Temperature Monitoring Using LM35 sensor and Intimate Android user via C2DM Service EMI17 2013
18 Patient Monitoring By Using Wearable Wireless Sensor Networks with Zigbee Module EMI18 2013
19 Design of farmland information acquisition and transmission system Based on ZigBee wireless sensor network EMI19 2013
20 Cave Lighting Control System Based on IOT Location EMI20 2013
21 Monitoring and Controlling in Food Storage System using Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Zigbee & Bluetooth Modules EMI21 2013
22 Measuring Vibration Parameters with ZigBee Sensor Network in Aspects of Driver Safety EMI22 2013
23 Inter-vehicle Collision Avoidance Using Zigbee Sensor Networks EMI23 2013
24 Implementaion of ZigBee Based Train Anti Collision And Level Crossing Protection System for Indian Railways EMI24 2013
25 Zigbee Based Automatic Streetlighting System EMI25 2013
26 A Low Cost Design & Monitoring Of Automatic Irrigation System Based On Zigbee Technology EMI26 2013
27 Parking Guidance And Information System Using RFID And Zigbee EMI27 2013
28 Automate and Secure Your Home Using Zigbee Technology EMI28 2013
29 Coal Mine Monitoring Using ARM7 and ZigBee EMI29 2013
30 Design and Development of ZigBee based Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Air Pollutants EMI30 2013
31 Design and Implementation of Remote/Short-range Smart Home Monitoring System Based on ZigBee and STM32 EMI31 2013
32 Design of wi-fi integrated sophisticated meter using embedded system EMI32 2013
33 Distributed Transformer Monitoring System Based On Zigbee Technology EMI33 2013
34 Embedded Systems: Zigbee Based Advanced Controlling System EMI34 2013
35 Green House Automation using Zigbee and Smart Phone EMI35 2013
36 An Indoor Wireless Zigbee based Patient Monitoring system for Hospitals EMI36 2013
37 A Survey on Weather Monitoring System in Agriculture Zone using Zigbee EMI37 2013
38 A Human Detection Method for Automatic Control of Power Consumption by Using Zigbee RSSI Changes EMI38 2013
39 Zigbee based parameter monitoring and controlling system for induction machine EMI39 2013
40 WIRELESS Temperature Monitoring System for Blood Bank using Zigbee EMI40 2013
1 A Low-Complexity Floor Determination Method Based on WiFi for Multi-Floor Buildings EMI01 2013
2 Arduino based wifi enabled wireless speaker EMI02 2013
3 The Campus Digital-Book Reading and Communication Platform Based on Wifi and Android EMI03 2013
4 HMM-driven Smart White-space-aware Frame Control Protocol for Coexistence of ZigBee and WiFi EMI04 2013
5 Wi-Fi Based Vital Signs Monitoring and Tracking System for Medical Parameters EMI05 2013
Smart Card / RFID
1 Mobile Robot Localization Using the Phase of Passive UHF RFID Signals EMI01 2013
2 Signage system for the navigation of autonomous robots in indoor environments EMI02 2013
3 Automated Identification of Plywood Using Embedded Inkjet-Printed Passive UHF RFID Tags EMI03 2013
4 Characterization of a Flexible UWB Sensor for Indoor Localization EMI04 2013
5 A Batteryless RFID Remote Control System EMI05 2013
6 Effective Position Tracking Using B-Spline Surface Equation Based on Wireless Sensor Networks and Passive UHF-RFID EMI06 2013
7 Data Cleaning for RFID and WSN Integration EMI07 2013
8 Acoustic Eavesdropping Attacks on Constrained Wireless Device Pairing EMI08 2013
9 Semi-Passive Time-Domain UWB RFID System EMI09 2013
10 High Frequency and Ultrahigh Frequency Radio Frequency Identification Passive Sensor Transponders for Humidity and Temperature Measurement Within Building Structures EMI10 2013
11 Active UWB Reflector for RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks EMI11 2013
12 Detecting Object Motion Using Passive RFID: A Trauma Resuscitation Case Study EMI12 2013
13 Efficient Protocols for Identifying the Missing Tags in a Large RFID System EMI13 2013
14 Teaching RFID Information Systems Security EMI14 2013
15 Design and Implementation of Car Parking System on FPGA EMI15 2013
16 ARM and FPGA Implementation of Secured Authentication Protocol for RFID System EMI16 2013
17 Eco-Friendly Agri-Friend Robot With Solar Tracking System Protection Against Wild Birds And Animals For Farmer Field With Farmer Identification System EMI17 2013
18 Monitoring for Precision Agriculture using Wireless Sensor Network-A Review EMI18 2013
19 An RFID based tracing and tracking system for the fresh vegetable supply chain EMI19 2013
20 Sensor enabled wearable RFID technology for mitigating the risk of falls near beds EMI20 2013
21 Web-Server based Student Attendance System using RFIDTechnology EMI21 2013
22 NFC Technology across a Broad Range of Applications EMI22 2013
23 Digital Eye for Coach Guidance and Automation Using RFID Technology EMI23 2013
24 Combined RFID-Biometric based MIS for student information EMI24 2013
25 Intelligent Technologies for Self-Sustaining, RFID-Based, Rural -Health Systems EMI25 2013
26 Embedded Electronic Smart Card for Financial and Healthcare Information Transaction EMI26 2013
27 Smart Keys for Cyber-Cars: Secure Smartphone-based NFC-enabled Car Immobilizer EMI27 2013
28 Smart Shopping System using social vectors and RFID EMI28 2013
29 Improving the Patient Discharge Planning Process through Knowledge Management by Using the Internet of Things EMI29 2013
30 RFID range extension with low-power wireless edge devices EMI30 2013
31 Indoor Human Navigation Systems a Survey EMI31 2013
32 Efficient Travel Using Smart Card and GPS Technology. EMI32 2013
33 Networked RFID Systems for the Internet of Things EMI33 2013
34 A wearable UHF RFID-based EEG system EMI34 2013
35 Indoor navigational aid using active RFID and QR-code for sighted and blind people EMI35 2013
36 EnGarde: Protecting the Mobile Phone from Malicious NFC Interactions EMI36 2013
1 Fraud Detection from Taxis Driving Behaviors EMI01 2013
2 An Integrated Approach to Snowmelt Flood Forecasting in Water Resource Management EMI02 2013
3 Ultratight GPS/Reduced-IMU Integration for Land Vehicle Navigation EMI03 2013
4 Economical Way of GPRS Based Fully Automated Energy Metering System EMI04 2013
5 A Multilevel Home Security System (MHSS) EMI05 2013
6 Data Extraction from Environment Using GPRS Sensors EMI06 2013
7 Design and development of GPS-Gsmbased Tracking System with googlemap based monitoring EMI07 2013
8 GPRS-GIS Based Multi-Objects Tracking System EMI08 2013
9 Embedded System Of A Wireless-Based Theft Monitoring EMI09 2013
10 Distribution Transformer Monitoring Using GPRS EMI10 2013
11 Tele-Monitoring System Using Gprs And Ecg Compression EMI11 2013
12 Simple and Efficient Method of Image Acquisition using Internet for Real Time Application EMI12 2013
13 Intelligent Public Transportation System (its) Using GPS And GPRS/GSM EMI13 2013
14 Measurement and Simulation of Energy Use in a School Building EMI14 2013
15 Real time monitoring of ECG signal using PIC and web server EMI15 2013
16 Ubiquitous Positioning Integrated GPSWireless LAN Positioning for Wheelchair Navigation System EMI16 2013
17 CAN Network Based Longitudinal Velocity Measurement Using Accelerometer and GPS Receiver for Automobiles EMI17 2013
18 CAN Network Based Longitudinal Velocity Measurement Using Accelerometer and GPS Receiver for Automobiles EMI18 2013
19 Virtual Security Zones for Student Tracking and Elderly Fall Alert Based on GPS Watch and Skin Pressure Sensitive Lock EMI19 2013
20 Gps- Gsm Based Inter-City Buses Distance Predictor and Display System EMI20 2013
21 Gps based soldier tracking and health indication system EMI21 2013
22 A basic resarch on gsm based securedadvertising system EMI22 2013
23 A practical approach for mobile-based remote control EMI23 2013
24 An intelligent parking system based on GSM module EMI24 2013
25 Automatic Meter Reading and Theft Control System by Using GSM EMI25 2013
26 Remote Control of Electrical Appliance using Wireless Technology GSM EMI26 2013
27 Automobile Fuel Pump Control System Using Embedded System EMI27 2013
28 Cell Phone Usage While Driving Avoidance with GSM-RF Based Accident Emergency Alert System EMI28 2013
29 GSM Information Collection Design of Logistics Information System Based on Internet of Things EMI29 2013
30 Design and Implementation of a Real Time Short Message Service Based Wireless Control System for Automating Home Appliances EMI30 2013
31 Development of a GSM based Control System for Electrical Appliances EMI31 2013
32 Electricity meter reading using GSM EMI32 2013
33 Embedded System Of A Wireless-Based Theft Monitoring EMI33 2013
34 Estimation of City Bus Travelers Using GSM Network EMI34 2013
35 Estimation of mobile positioning for lbs using GPS-GSM technology EMI35 2013
36 Fire Detection and Notification System in Trains EMI36 2013
37 GSM Based Automated Meter Reading With Bill Payment Facility EMI37 2013
38 GSM Based Autonomous Street Illumination System for Efficient Power Management EMI38 2013
39 GSM based device switching EMI39 2013
40 GSM based Fire Sensing and Extinguishing Robot EMI40 2013
41 GSM Based Flexible Calling System For Coal Mining Workers EMI41 2013
42 GSM based gas leakage detection system EMI42 2013
43 GSM Based Smart Street Light Monitoring and Control System EMI43 2013
44 GSM Based Telemetry System EMI44 2013
45 GSM Mobile Phone Based LED Scrolling Message Display System EMI45 2013
46 GSM Enabled Embedded System for Energy Measurement & Billing EMI46 2013
47 High power transmitter monitoring & control using GSM EMI47 2013
48 Cloud-Based Ration Card System Using RFID And GSM Technology EMI48 2013
49 Electricity Billing By Prepaid System Using Gsm Technology EMI49 2013
50 Design of GSM Based Embedded System for Irrigation EMI50 2013
51 Implementation of a Wireless Network for Class Attendance System Using Face Recognition and GSM EMI51 2013
52 Implementation of PIC16F877A Based Intelligent Smart Home System EMI52 2013
53 Intelligent home: sms based home security system with immediate feedback EMI53 2013
54 Intelligent Street Lighting System Using Gsm EMI54 2013
55 Mobile Operated Landrover Using Dtmf Decoder EMI55 2013
56 Smart Grid (WAMS) For Transmission Line Through GSM EMI56 2013
57 SMS Based Mobile Banking EMI57 2013
58 SMS based Student Services Administration EMI58 2013
59 Stand alone hybrid wind-solar power generation system using GSM EMI59 2013
60 Three Phase parameter Data Logging and fault detection using GSM Technology EMI60 2013
61 Wireless Energy Meter and Billing via SMS EMI61 2013
62 Wireless home and industrial automation security system using Gsm EMI62 2013
63 Wireless Sensor Network and Emergency Communication System for Fire Safety EMI63 2013
64 A Lookup Table Based Secure Cryptographic SMS Communication on Android Environment EMI64 2013
65 AALTM: An Android Application to Locate and Track Mobile Phones EMI65 2013
66 GSM Base Interface With Industrial Product Using Android Platform EMI66 2013
67 Monitoring PCs using Android EMI67 2013
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