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Embedded Projects

1 Automated detection of sleep apnea and hypopnea events based on robust airflow envelope tracking in the presence of breathing artifacts EMB1 2015
2 Ambulatory measurement of three-dimensional foot displacement during treadmill walking using wearable wireless ultrasonic sensor network EMB2 2015
3 Secourhealth: a delay-tolerant security framework for mobile health data collection EMB3 2015
4 A smart phone-based pocket fall accident detection, positioning, and rescue system EMB4 2015
5 Improving compliance in remote healthcare systems through smartphone battery optimization EMB5 2015
6 Signal quality measures on pulse oximetry and blood pressure signals acquired from self-measurement in a home environment EMB6 2015
7 Complexity index from a personalized wearable monitoring system for assessing remission in mental health EMB7 2015
8 A zigbee-based animal health monitoring system EMB8 2015
9 Priority-based time-slot allocation in wireless body area networks during medical emergency situations: an evolutionary game theoretic perspective EMB9 2015
10 Design and implementation of automatic street light control using sensors and solar panel EMB10 2015
11 Design and implementation of real time remote supervisorysystem EMB11 2015
12 Electronic control of unguided airborne vehicle (uav) EMB12 2015
13 Gsm based telealert system EMB13 2015
14 Identifying adverse drug events from patient social media: a case study for diabetes EMB14 2015
15 Voice based system in desktop and mobile devices for blind people EMB15 2015
16 Vehicle navigation and obstacle detection system using rfid and ultrasonic sensors EMB16 2015
17 A novel implementation for automated health monitoring system EMB17 2015
18 Touch screen based ordering system & displaying system for restaurants EMB18 2015
19 Remote temperature and humidity monitoring system using wireless sensor networks EMB19 2015
20 A gsm based intelligent wireless mobile patient monitoring system EMB20 2015
21 Automation in agriculture field using arm 7 based robot EMB21 2015
22 Microcontroller based smart wear for driver safety EMB22 2015
23 Drip irrigation system using embedded systems: an initiative of saving water EMB23 2015
24 Hardware prototype of smart home energy management system EMB24 2015
25 On a patient-based let architecture for telehealth applications EMB25 2015
26 For increasing human empowerment EMB26 2015
27 Microcontroller based smart home with security using gsm technology EMB27 2015
28 Wsn-based smart sensors and actuator for powermanagement in intelligent buildings EMB28 2015
29 An inertial pen with dynamic time warpingrecognizer for handwriting and gesture recognition EMB29 2015
30 Embedding compressive sensing-based data lossrecovery algorithm into wireless smart sensors for structural health monitoring EMB30 2015
31 Rfid technology for continuous monitoringof physiological signals in small animals EMB31 2015
32 Implementing intelligent traffic control system forcongestion control, ambulance clearance,and stolen vehicle detection EMB32 2015
33 An eeg-based biometric system using eigenvectorcentrality in resting state brain networks EMB33 2015
34 Quantitative evaluation of a low-cost noninvasivehybrid interface based on eeg and eye movement EMB34 2015
35 Wireless sensor networks for condition monitoringin the railway industry: a survey EMB35 2015
36 A novel biometric approach for human identification andverification EMB36 2015
37 Using eye blinking signal EMB37 2015
38 Wearable sensors for human activitymonitoring: a review EMB38 2015
39 A self-powering wireless environment monitoringsystem using soil energy EMB39 2015
40 An implantable rfid sensor tag toward continuousglucose monitoring EMB40 2015
41 Automated health alerts using in-home sensordata for embedded health assessment EMB41 2015
42 A novel biometric approach for humanidentification and verificationusing eye blinking signal EMB42 2015
43 Control area network (can) based intelligent vehicle system for driver assistance using advanced risc machines (arm) EMB43 2015
44 A portable fall detection and alerting system based on k-nn algorithm and remote medicine EMB44 2015
45 Android phone controlled voice, gesture and touch screen operated smart wheelchair EMB45 2015
46 Automatic detection and notification of potholes and humps on roads to aid drivers EMB46 2015
47 Wireless arm-based automatic meter reading & control system (wamrcs) EMB47 2015
48 Design and implementation of water environment monitoring system using gsm technology EMB48 2015
49 Design for visually impaired to work at industry using rfid technology EMB49 2015
50 Embedded wireless data acquisition system for unmanned vehicle in underwater environment EMB50 2015
51 Gsm based voice response system for wireless load control and monitoring EMB51 2015
52 Implementation of an in campus fire alarm system using zigbee EMB52 2015
53 Implementing intelligent traffic control system for congestion control, ambulance clearance, and stolen vehicledetection EMB53 2015
54 Intelligent energy efficient traffic safety & alert system EMB54 2015
55 Photosensitive security system for theft detection and control using gsm technology EMB55 2015
56 Smart home for elderly care, based on wireless sensor network EMB56 2015
57 An embedded system in passenger car for road safety EMB57 2015
58 Bus detection system for blind people using rfid EMB58 2015
59 Visual surveillance using absolute difference motion detection EMB59 2015
60 Wireless colour sensing arm robot EMB60 2015
61 Zigbee-based irrigation system for home gardens EMB61 2015
62 Rfid-based system for school children transportation safety enhancement EMB62 2015
63 A system for automatic notification and severity estimation of automotive accidents EMB63 2015
64 Towards a new modality-independent interface for a robotic wheelchair EMB64 2015
65 Rail component detection, optimization, and assessment for automatic rail track inspection EMB65 2015
66 Eeg-based mobile robot control through an adaptive brain–robot interface EMB66 2015
67 Sampled-data cooperative adaptive cruise control of vehicles with sensor failures EMB67 2015
68 Miniature low-power inertial sensors: promising technology for implantable motion capture systems EMB68 2015
69 Cooperative development of an arduino-compatible buildingautomation system for the practical teaching of electronics EMB69 2015
70 Nfc+ android application by using nfc technology for hospital management system EMB70 2015
71 Automated irrigation system using a wireless sensor network and gprs module EMB71 2015
72 Passivity and Stability of Human–Robot Interaction Control for Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Robots EMB72 2015
73 A Practical Wireless Attack on the Connected Car and Security Protocol for In-Vehicle CAN EMB73 2015
74 Design of a Mobile Charging Service for Electric Vehicles in an Urban Environment EMB74 2015
75 A Wearable Robot for the Hand with a Soft Tendon Routing System EMB75 2015
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