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Embedded Projects

1 Automated Detection of Driver Fatigue Based on Entropy and Complexity Measures EMB1 2014
2 Design and Development of a Low-Cost Multisensor Inertial Data Acquisition System for Sailing EMB2 2014
3 Systematic Approaches to Human-Machine Interface: Improving Resilience, Robustness, and Stability EMB3 2014
4 Systematic Approaches to Human-Machine Interface: Improving Resilience, Robustness, and Stability EMB4 2014
5 Systematic Approaches to Human-Machine Interface: Improving Resilience, Robustness, and Stability EMB5 2014
6 Automatic Lighting System Using Multiple Robotic Lamps EMB6 2014
7 Fraud Detection From Taxis’ Driving Behaviors EMB7 2014
8 Dynamic Authentication with Sensory Information for the Access Control Systems EMB8 2014
9 Image-Based and Sensor-Based Approaches to Arabic Sign Language Recognition EMB9 2014
10 Inferring search intents from remote control movement patterns: a new content search method for smart TV EMB10 2014
11 Hard Disk Drive Servo System Based on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays EMB11 2014
12 User Identification for Home Entertainment Based on Free-Air Hand Motion Signatures EMB12 2014
13 Getting the Point Across: Exploring the Effects of Dynamic Virtual Humans in an Interactive Museum Exhibition User Perceptions EMB13 2014
14 A Design of Ginseng Planting Environment Monitoring System Based on WSN EMB14 2014
15 Airport Information Systems—Air side Management Information Systems EMB15 2014
16 Portable Camera based Product Label Reading for Blind People EMB16 2014
17 Earthquake Shakes Twitter Users Real-time Event Detection by Social Sensors EMB17 2014
18 Evidence Collection System for Car Using Embedded system and .NET Framework EMB18 2014
19 Indoor Navigation on Google Maps and Indoor Localization Using RSS Fingerprinting EMB19 2014
20 Implementation of Advanced Communication Aid for People with Severe Speech Impairment EMB20 2014
21 Embedded Based Hand Talk Assisting System for Deaf and Dumb EMB21 2014
22 Employing Smart Education in Mobile Devices Using Voice Interface EMB22 2014
23 Intelligent Image Processing Approach for Visually Challenged Persons for Navigation EMB23 2014
24 Research of Embedded Tower Crane Monitoring System based on FCS EMB24 2014
25 AImplementation of Intelligent Electronic Acupuncture System Using Sensor Module EMB25 2014
26 Design of an Automated Secure Garage System Using License Plate Recognition EMB26 2014
27 Design and Implementation of Security Based ATM theft monitoring system EMB27 2014
28 Border Surveillance using sensor based thick-lines EMB28 2014
29 Development of an intelligent home energy management scheme with efficient load control and gas monitoring based on demand response EMB29 2014
30 Digital Roadside Advertising and Traffic Safety EMB30 2014
31 Missile Detection by Ultrasonic and Auto Destroy System EMB31 2014
32 Portable Wireless Device for Remote Writing on Board EMB32 2014
33 Dual Objective Based Navigation Assistance to the Blind and Visually Impaired EMB33 2014
34 Wireless Power Transmission for Charging Mobiles EMB34 2014
35 Data Transfer between Two USB Flash SCSI Disks using a Touch Screen EMB35 2014
36 LED Lamp Based Visible Light Communication in Underwater Vehicles EMB36 2014
37 Assistive System for Product Label Detection with Voice Output for Blind Users EMB37 2014
38 ATM Client Authentication System Using Biometric Identifier & OTP EMB38 2014
39 An Outdoor Navigation with Voice Recognition Security Application for Visually Impaired People EMB39 2014
40 Capacitive Touch User Interface and Implementation with Virtual Refrigerator EMB40 2014
41 Face Recognition based Door Lock System Using Opencv and C# with Remote Access and Security Features EMB41 2014
42 Electronic shopping cart facility for blind people using USB firmware EMB42 2014
43 A Real Time Embedded System Application for Driver Drowsiness and Alcoholic Intoxication Detection EMB43 2014
44 Voice Based Electronic Travelling Aid Using Flex Sensor for Blind People EMB44 2014
45 Sensors based Wearable and Systems for Detection of Human Movement and fall EMB45 2014
46 Embedded image capturing system using raspberry pi system EMB46 2014
47 Review on implementation of multi touch interactive display surface EMB47 2014
48 Speech Recognized Automation System Using Speaker Identification through Wireless EMB48 2014
49 Emergency Call for Help Wrist Module EMB49 2014
50 An Investigation on Generation of Electricity using Foot Step EMB50 2014
51 Design and Fabrication of Remote Controlled Multi-Axis Operation theatre BED EMB51 2014
52 Independent Living for Persons with Disabilities and Elderly People Using Smart Home EMB52 2014
53 Elimination of Unauthorized and Fraudulent Transactions of ATM Using Image Processing Techniques EMB53 2014
54 Intelligent Monitoring System for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning And Leakage In Mines EMB54 2014
55 Remote Configuration Monitoring of Autonomous Information Processing Machine on LAN EMB55 2014
56 Voice based system for desktop and Mobile devices for blind peoples EMB56 2014
57 Visual Recognition System for Hearically Impaired Person –A Review EMB57 2014
58 Activation or Security of machine using Voice Recognition System by MFCC EMB58 2014
59 Neural networks brain controlled artificial legs EMB59 2014
60 Embedded System using Ultrasonic Waves and Voice Biometric to Build E-Glass for Blind EMB60 2014
61 Secure Travel System Using Aadhaar Card EMB61 2014
62 A Review on EEG-based brain–computer interface system EMB62 2014
63 Smart Attendance using Face Recognition with Percentage Analyzer EMB63 2014
64 An interactive email for visually impaired EMB64 2014
65 Design and implementation of home use portable smart electronics EMB65 2014
66 Design and Implementation Of A Microcontroller Based Home Automation System Using Aiwa Remote EMB66 2014
67 CO2 Zero-House Design with Mobile Smart Home Technology EMB67 2014
68 Embedded Surveillance System Using PIR Sensor EMB68 2014
69 Energy monitoring based on human activity in the workplace EMB69 2014
70 Automatic Bank Fraud Detection Using Support Vector Machines EMB70 2014
71 Swar: The Voice Operated PC EMB71 2014
72 Remote Home Management An alternative for working at home while away EMB72 2014
73 Mobile Charger based on Coin by using Solar tracking System EMB73 2014
74 Design and Implementation of Ultra Sonic Path Finder for the Blind EMB74 2014
75 Smart Traffic Mess Control and Avoidance System EMB75 2014
76 Design and Development of Autonomous Ground Vehicle for Wild Life Monitoring EMB76 2014
77 Designing visual Speech Training Aids for Hearing Impaired Children EMB77 2014
78 A Machine Vision-Based Gestural Interface for People With Upper Extremity Physical Impairments EMG1 2014
79 A Gesture Learning Interface for Simulated Robot Path Shaping With a Human Teacher EMG2 2014
80 Automatic User State Recognition for Hand Gesture Based Low-Cost Television Control System EMG3 2014
81 Computer-Assisted Culture Learning in an Online Augmented Reality Environment Based on Free-Hand Gesture Interaction EMG4 2014
82 A Low-Computational Approach on Gaze Estimation With Eye Touch System EMG5 2014
83 Multi touch Gesture-Based Authentication EMG6 2014
84 A Hand Gesture Recognition Framework and Wearable Gesture-Based Interaction Prototype for Mobile Devices EMG7 2014
85 Novice and Expert Performance of Key Scratch: A Gesture-Based Text Entry Method for Touch-Screens EMG8 2014
86 Human Hand Motion Analysis With Multisensory Information EMG9 2014
87 A Wireless Accelerometer-Based Automatic Vehicle Classification Prototype System EMG10 2014
88 sEditor: A Prototype for a Sign Language Interfacing System EMG11 2014
89 A Survey on Gesture Recognition in Sign Language Recognition for Mute and Dumb EMG12 2014
90 Accelerometer based Robot control using Renesas Microcontroller EMG13 2014
91 Human Computer Interaction (Robot Handling) using Hand Gesture Recognition EMG14 2014
92 Web Browser Control through Hand Gestures using Web RTC API EMG15 2014
93 An Adaptable Speech to Sign Language Translation System EMG16 2014
94 Hand Gesture Recognition System for Daily Information Retrieval EMG17 2014
95 MEMS Accelerometer Based 3D Mouse and Handwritten Recognition System EMG18 2014
96 A Posture Recognition-Based Fall Detection System for Monitoring an Elderly Person in a Smart Home Environment EMG19 2014
97 Microcontroller Based Gesture Controlled Wheelchair Using Accelerometer EMG20 2014
98 Hand Gesture Recognition System to Control Slide Show Navigation EMG21 2014
99 To analyze hand gesture recognition for wirelessly electronic device control EMG22 2014
100 Design & Implementation of Child Activity Recognition using Accelerometer and RFID EMG23 2014
101 Gesture recognition of handwritten digit using accelerometer based digital pen EMG24 2014
102 Robotic Wheelchair Using Eye Blink Sensors and Accelerometer Provided with Home Appliance Control EMG25 2014
103 Combined AFS and DYC Control of Four-Wheel-Independent-Drive Electric Vehicles over CAN Network with Time-Varying Delays EMV1 2014
104 Using a Head-up Display-Based Steady-State Visually Evoked Potential Brain Computer Interface to Control a Simulated Vehicle EMV2 2014
105 A Cooperative Heterogeneous Mobile Wireless Mechatronic System EMV3 2014
106 Smartphone-Based Vehicle-to-Driver/Environment Interaction System for Motorcycles EMV4 2014
107 Robust Sliding Mode-Based Learning Control for Steer-by-Wire Systems in Modern Vehicles EMV5 2014
108 Estimating Speed Using a Side-Looking Single-Radar Vehicle Detector EMV6 2014
109 Portable Roadside Sensors for Vehicle Counting, Classification, and Speed Measurement EMV7 2014
110 Vehicle Monitoring and Intelligent Data Analysis using GPS Based open Source Software EMV8 2014
111 FleGSens: A Wireless Sensor Network for Border Surveillance EMV9 2014
112 Design, construction, and implementation of a remote fuel level monitoring system EMV10 2014
113 Development-Of-A-Microcontroller-based-Traffic-Light-System-For-Road-Intersection-Control EMV11 2014
114 Survey paper on Vehicle Theft Detection through Face Recognition System EMV12 2014
115 Embedded Technology for Vehicle Cabin Safety Monitoring and Alerting System EMV13 2014
116 Survey on Various Wireless Sensor Network and Embedded Techniques for Security in Railways EMV14 2014
117 A Wireless Approach with Sensor Network for Real Time Railway Track Surveillance System EMV15 2014
118 Lane Changing Trajectory Planning and Tracking Controller Design for Intelligent Vehicle Running on Curved Road EMV16 2014
119 A Real Time Embedded System Application for Driver Drowsiness and Alcoholic Intoxication Detection EMV17 2014
120 Collision Warning System using Ultrasonic Sensors and Automatic Brake System EMV18 2014
121 A Mobile Application for Bus Information System and Location Tracking using Client-Server Technology EMV19 2014
122 Face Recognition by Weber Law Descriptor for Anti-Theft Smart Car Security System. EMV20 2014
123 Real Time Target Surveillance with an Autonomous/Manual Controlled Unmanned Air Vehicle EMV21 2014
124 Smart Zone Based Vehicle Speed Control Using RF and Obstacle Detection and Accident Prevention EMV22 2014
125 Design and Development of Automatic vehicle accident detection & localization of Automobile using Bluetooth Technology. EMV23 2014
126 An Automated ANN Based Intelligent System for Vehicle Identification and Trail EMV24 2014
127 Real Time Wireless based Train Tracking, Track Identification and Collision avoidance System for Railway Sectors EMV25 2014
128 Automated Toll Collection Using Satellite Navigation EMV26 2014
129 ZIGBEE based Wireless Monitoring and Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring of Driver’s EMV27 2014
130 High Way Vehicle Speed Control & Automatic Breaking System EMV28 2014
131 Automation and Accident Reporting using ARM Processor in Bikes EMA1 2014
132 A Novel Approach of Automation in Ticket vending Machine Using ARM Processer EMA2 2014
133 Security System for Car using RFID, Thumb Impression, Steering wheel Lock based on ARM EMA3 2014
134 A Smart Home Remote Control System based on ARM and ZigBee EMA4 2014
135 Design & Implementation of a Low Cost based Wireless HCI System for Disabled Persons using ARM7 EMA5 2014
136 Development of Embedded Software and Verification for Peripherals of ARM7TDMI-S EMA6 2014
137 Automotive Security and Safety System Using ARM Microcontroller EMA7 2014
138 An Intelligent AGV with Lane Detection and Obstacle Avoidance Using ARM EMA8 2014
139 Designing & Implementing an ARM 7 Based System for Critically Injured People by Using Electromyography EMA9 2014
140 Weighing System of Fruit Sorting and Transportation Gyro Car Based On Arm EMA10 2014
141 ARM7 Based Smart ATM Access & Security System Using Fingerprint Recognition & GSM Technology EMA11 2014
142 A Novel Approach of Automation in Ticket vending Machine Using ARM Processer EMA12 2014
143 Intelligent accident identification and location display system using ARM EMA13 2014
144 Fingerprint Based ATM Security by using ARM7 EMA14 2014
145 Vehicle Control Using CAN Protocol For Implementing the Intelligent Braking System EMC1 2014
146 Intelligent Vehicular Communication System for Safe Driving using CAN Bus EMC2 2014
147 Monitoring and Control System for Industrial Parameters using Can Bus EMC3 2014
148 Diagnosing the Intermittent Failures in a Vehicle& Intelligent Vehicle Control and Monitoring using CAN and ARM 7 EMC4 2014
149 Design of Automotive CAN Bus for Electrical Vehicle EMC5 2014
150 Sensor Network for Monitoring Physiological Signals of Multiple Patients using CAN Bus EMC6 2014
151 Design of Intelligent Building Lighting System Based on CAN Bus EMC7 2014
152 Android Application for Vehicle Theft Prevention and Tracking System ESA1 2014
153 Android Based Meter Reading Using OCR ESA2 2014
154 Development of a Cell-Bot Application for Teaching Children Using Android ESA3 2014
155 Android Based Rush And Drunk Driver Alerting System ESA4 2014
156 A Review of Applications Based on NFC Technology : A Step towards Making Universal NFC Receiver Using Android Device ESA5 2014
157 Wireless Interactive System for Patient Healthcare Monitoring using Android Mobile ESA6 2014
158 Wireless Control System for Automating Home Appliances and Security Using Android Application ESA7 2014
159 Visual navigational alert system for Indian fisherman in android platform ESA8 2014
160 Android Based Robot for Industrial Application ESA9 2014
161 Control of Omni-Directional Robot Using Accelerometer Sensor on Android Smartphone ESA10 2014
162 Android Based Vehicle Service Status Monitoring System ESA11 2014
163 Voice Enabled Android Application for Traffic Complaint and Pothole Notification System Using GPS and GSM-GPRS Technology ESA12 2014
164 An intelligent android Mobile based real time Ads tracking System ESA13 2014
165 A Project Based Framework for Assessing and Monitoring Highway Construction Greenhouse Gas Emissions EGN1 2014
166 Implementation of green wave system for vehicles EGN2 2014
167 `Remote monitoring of Greenhouse Parameters using Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network EGN3 2014
168 Greenhouse Management using Embedded System and Zigbee Technology EGN4 2014
169 Simple and Cost Effective Environment Monitoring System EGN5 2014
170 Retail store density and the cost of greenhouse gas emissions EGN6 2014
171 Sustainable Energy Performance Indicators of Green Building in Developing Countries EGN7 2014
172 Soft Biometrics and Their Application in Person Recognition at a Distance EBM1 2014
173 RFID Technology for IoT-Based Personal Healthcare in Smart Spaces EBM2 2014
174 Novel Electrodes for Underwater ECG Monitoring EBM3 2014
175 ERNN: A Biologically Inspired Feedforward Neural Network to Discriminate Emotion from EEG Signal. EBM4 2014
176 An Enhanced Fall Detection System for Elderly Person Monitoring using Consumer Home Networks EBM5 2014
177 Assistive Clothing Pattern Recognition for Visually Impaired People EBM6 2014
178 Wireless and Wearable EEG System for Evaluating Driver Vigilance EBM7 2014
179 A Tactile Stimulation Device for EEG Measurements in Clinical Use EBM8 2014
180 Bioimpedance-Based Respiration Monitoring With a Defibrillator EBM9 2014
181 A Configurable and Low-Power Mixed Signal SoC for Portable ECG Monitoring EBM10 2014
182 Automatic Ingestion Monitor: A Novel Wearable Device for Monitoring of Ingestive Behavior EBM11 2014
183 An Armband Wearable Device for Overnight and Cuff-Less Blood Pressure Measurement EBM12 2014
184 Temperature Increase in the Fetus Exposed to UHF RFID Readers EBM13 2014
185 Using a Head-up Display-Based Steady-State Visually Evoked Potential Brain Computer Interface to Control a Simulated Vehicle EBM14 2014
186 A Low-Computational Approach on Gaze Estimation With Eye Touch System EBM15 2014
187 A Machine Vision-Based Gestural Interface for People With Upper Extremity Physical Impairments EBM16 2014
188 Controlling a Human–Computer Interface System With a Novel Classification method that uses EOG EBM17 2014
189 A Dry Electrode Based Headband Voice Brain-Computer Interface Device EBM18 2014
190 An Integrated Electrooculography and Desktop Input Bimodal Interface to Support Robotic Arm Control EBM19 2014
191 Noncontact Monitoring of Cardiorespiratory Activity by Electromagnetic Coupling EBM20 2014
192 Using a Smartphone to Measure HeartRate Changes during Relived Happiness and Anger EBM21 2014
193 Multiparameter Respiratory Rate Estimation From the Photoplethysmogram EBM22 2014
194 Force Sensitive Resistance Based Heart Beat Monitoring For Health Care System EBM23 2014
195 Displaying Heart Rate Data on a Bicycle Helmet to Support Social Exertion Experiences EBM24 2014
196 Wi-Fi based Remote Patient Monitoring and Tracking System for Medical Parameters EBM25 2014
197 Wireless health monitoring system using ARM and zigbee EBM26 2014
198 Wireless ECG. monitoring on computer using zigbee technology EBM27 2014
199 Monitoring Human Blood Pressure for U-Healthcare Using ISO EBM28 2014
200 Intelligent Wireless Patient Monitoring and Tracking System (Using Sensor Network and Wireless Communication) EBM29 2014
201 Non-invasive Respiration Rate Monitoring Using a Single COTS TX-RX Pair EBM30 2014
202 A Falling Detection System with wireless sensor for the Elderly People Based on Ergonomics EBM31 2014
203 Heart Disease Monitoring System Using Web and Smartphone EBM32 2014
204 Embedded Based Low Cost Pulse Oximeter EBM33 2014
205 Driver Alertness Based on Eye Blinking and Bio-signals EBM34 2014
206 Providing a Telemedicine system for Diabetic Patients for Controlling the Blood Sugar Level with solving the Scalability problems EBM35 2014
207 Wireless ECG data Transferred and Alarm System Using Zigbee technology EBM36 2014
208 Design and Development of Heart Rate Monitoring Device with Reduction of Motion Artifact using 3-axis Accelerometer EBM37 2014
209 A GSM Enabled Embedded System for Blood Pressure & Body Temperature Monitoring EBM38 2014
210 Design of a Supportive System for Patients with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) with the help of Eyebrow sensing & Easy Talk Module EBM39 2014
211 A Novel Brain Computer Interface on its types on a future look EBM40 2014
212 Android Based Heart Monitoring and Reporting System EBM41 2014
213 Advance Wireless ECG Monitoring System Based On GSM 3G EBM42 2014
214 Physiological Parameter Monitoring System for Patient and Doctors Interface EBM43 2014
215 Knight’s Wireless Baby Monitor EBM44 2014
216 Personal Authentication Using Hand Vein EBM45 2014
217 Real Time Eye State Monitoring System for Driver Drowsiness Detection EBM46 2014
218 Flexible Indoor Localization and Tracking Based on a Wearable Platform and Sensor Data Fusion EMI1 2014
219 Monitoring of Oxygen Content in the Flue Gas at a Coal-Fired Power Plant Using Cloud Modeling Techniques EMI2 2014
220 Enhanced three-factor security protocol for consumer USB mass storage devices EMI3 2014
221 Autonomic Intelligent Cyber-Sensor to Support Industrial Control Network Awareness EMI4 2014
222 Feature Selection and Activity Recognition System Using a Single Triaxial Accelerometer EMI5 2014
223 Experiential Learning of Digital Communication Using LabVIEW EMI6 2014
224 Portable Grounding Impedance Meter Based on DSP EMI7 2014
225 Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) Systems With Cooperative Relaying: Design and Performance Analysis EMI8 2014
226 Data Fusion and Fault Diagnosis for Flexible Arrayed pH Sensor Measurement System Based on Lab VIEW EMI9 2014
227 Real Time System for Monitoring and Improving the Flow of Sewer System EMI10 2014
228 Water Level Intelligent System of Data Acquisition and Early Warning EMI11 2014
229 Development of Wireless PH Measuring Device EMI12 2014
230 Zigbee & Ethernet Based Monitoring & Controlling Of Real Time Industrial Parameter EMI13 2014
231 Development of virtual instrument motor experiment teaching system based on labview EMI14 2014
232 A real time based intelligent system designed for the process automation & control EMI15 2014
233 Fuzzy logic controller based operating room air condition control system EMI16 2014
234 Embedded Web Server based Interactive data acquisition and Control System EMI17 2014
235 Fuzzy PID Controllers Using Matlab GUI Based for Real Time DC Motor Speed Control EMI18 2014
236 A Real Time Based Intelligent System Designed for the Process Automation & Control EMI19 2014
237 A versatile automation program using Lab view for low dc current measurement EMI20 2014
238 Design and implementation of multiple sensor interface using Ethernet EMI21 2014
239 A review on industrial automation by zigbee based wireless remote controller EMI22 2014
240 Power transmission monitoring system using wireless zigbee technology EMI23 2014
241 M2M communication based wireless SCADA for real-time industrial automation EPS1 2014
242 The Implement of Hydraulic Control System for Large-Scale Railway Maintenance Equipment Based on PLC EPS2 2014
243 Automation of Kiln Mill Drive in Cement Industry using PLC and SCADA EPS3 2014
244 Automated Water Supply System and Water Theft Identification Using PLC and SCADA EPS4 2014
245 Habits Controlling of Automation System using PLC & SCADA EPS5 2014
246 Low cost Wireless IOs using PLC, HMI & ZIGBEE EPS6 2014
247 Industrial Drives & Automation using PLC EPS7 2014
248 Design and Realization of Virtual Laboratory System Based on Web Access Platform EPS8 2014
249 Temperature sensor interfacing with Embedded PLC WLAN monitoring using android mobile phone EPS9 2014
250 SCADA Automation in Energy Management Systems EPS10 2014
251 Automation of Packaging and Material Handling Using Programmable Logic Controller EPS11 2014
252 Web-based Smart Home Automation PLC-controlled Implementation EPS12 2014
253 Industry Oriented Smart and Automated Process Control System EPS13 2014
254 The Generic Design of a High-Traffic Advanced Metering Infrastructure Using ZigBee EMW1 2014
255 A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT Environment EMW2 2014
256 Wireless Sensor Networks for Pilgrims Tracking EMW3 2014
257 Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module EMW4 2014
258 RAMSES: RFID Augmented Module for Smart Environmental Sensing EMW5 2014
259 Fluid Embeddable Coupled Coil Sensor for Wireless pH Monitoring in a Bioreactor EMW6 2014
260 An Integrated System for Regional Environmental Monitoring and Management Based on Internet of Things EMW7 2014
261 Teaching RFID Information Systems Security EMW8 2014
262 EasySMS: A Protocol for End-to-End Secure Transmission of SMS EMW9 2014
263 Relay-Assisted Wireless Communication Systems in Mining Vehicle Safety Applications EMW10 2014
264 Accurate Human Navigation Using Wearable Monocular Visual and Inertial Sensors EMW11 2014
265 High-Speed Railway Wireless Communications: Efficiency Versus Fairness EMW12 2014
266 Using Smart-Phones and Floor Plans for Indoor Location Tracking EMW13 2014
267 Understanding Taxi Service Strategies From Taxi GPS Traces EMW14 2014
268 Home Appliance Control and Monitoring System Model Based on Cloud Computing ECL1 2014
269 Medical alert system for remote health monitoring using sensors and cloud computing ECL2 2014
270 Electronic payment collection system in Amusement Park using Passive RFID and cloud ECL3 2014
271 A Holistic Cloud-Enabled Robotics System for Real-Time Video Tracking Application ECL4 2014
272 Electronic Payment in Grocery shops using passive RFID and cloud computing. ECL5 2014
273 Cloud Based Smart Metering Security Access and Monitoring System in the Real Time ECL6 2014
274 Development of a Cloud-based Image Water Level Gauge ECL7 2014
275 Application of cloud computing as HPC platform for embedded systems ECL8 2014
276 Cloud Based Street Light Monitoring System ECL9 2014
277 Secure Access Design Pattern for Cloud Based IR Systems ECL10 2014
278 Integration of Cloud Services for Improving NFC EWI1 2014
279 The design of smart home monitoring system based on Wi-Fi electronic trash EWI2 2014
280 RFID Technology Combined with IOT Application in Medical Nursing System EWI3 2014
281 Improvement of Home Appliance Control System in Smart Home Based on 6LoWPAN EWI4 2014
282 A runway surface monitor using internet of things EWI5 2014
283 Shamba web based system (swbs) implementation on sensor design in irrigation control monitoring system EWI6 2014
284 Research on key technology of coal mine automation based on internet of things EWI7 2014
285 Developing Web of Things Application for Wireless Sensor Network Based Vehicular Pollution Monitoring EWI8 2014
286 The Online Temperature Measurement System for Substation Equipment Based on the Internet of Things (IOT) EWI9 2014
287 Test application of the internet of things for energy efficient outdoor smart lighting EWI10 2014
288 Research on Key Technology of Coal Mine Automation based on Internet of Things EWI11 2014
289 Environmental Data Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Network and Transmission of Data Via Internet EWI12 2014
290 Implementation of Soft-Core Processor Based Ethernet Data Transfer EWI13 2014
291 An Innovative Approach to Speedy Emergency Alert Using Tweet Analysis EWI14 2014
292 Interconnected Smart Objects Era of Internet of Things EWI15 2014
293 Telemedicine Web Server Based on Embedded Serial Device EWI16 2014
294 Design of a Reconfigurable RFID Sensing Tag as a Generic Sensing Platform Toward the Future Internet of Things EWI17 2014
295 Ubiquitous WSN for Healthcare: Recent Advances and Future Prospects EWI18 2014
296 Enabling Smart Cloud Services Through Remote Sensing: An Internet of Everything Enabler EWI19 2014
297 RFID Technology for IoT-Based Personal Healthcare in Smart Spaces EWI20 2014
298 Wireless Sensor Network Based Web Enabled Application Framework for Fire Monitoring EWI21 2014
299 MobiPag: Integrated Mobile Payment, Ticketing and Couponing Solution Based on NFC ENC1 2014
300 A New Simple WiFi Direct Connection Method using NFC on Remote Control and DTV ENC2 2014
301 Design and Development of NFC Smartphone Indoor Interactive Navigation System ENC3 2014
302 Design of a RFID/NFC based Blackbox device for use in Automobiles ENC4 2014
303 Access Control and Management System Based on NFC-Technology by the Use of Smart Phones as Keys ENC5 2014
304 Towards NFC and RFID combination to automatic services ENC6 2014
305 Ticketing Protocol Based On Near Field Communication ENC7 2014
306 Automatic and remote Health Monitoring system using NFC ENC8 2014
307 NFC Based SMS Ticketing for Non-NFC Devices ENC9 2014
308 NFC Based Library Automation using Smart Phone ENC10 2014
309 Wireless Sensor Network Based Early Warning and Alert System for Radioactive Radiation Leakage EWN1 2014
310 Analysis of Vehicle Detection with WSN Based Ultrasonic Sensors EWN2 2014
311 Design of Heavy Metals Monitoring System in Water Based on WSN and GPRS. EWN3 2014
312 The Sweet Home speech and multimodal corpus for home automation interaction EWN4 2014
313 Ubiquitous Sensor Networks and Image Processing Based Environmental Monitoring System for Fire Safety EWN5 2014
314 An Effective Method for Crop Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Network EWN6 2014
315 An integrated wireless sensors network based Home security Alert system EWN7 2014
316 An Intelligent WSN Based Parking Guidance System EWN8 2014
317 WSN Based Industrial Environmental Monitoring System Using μCOS-II EWN9 2014
318 Real-time Wireless Sensor Network for Landslide Detection EWN10 2014
319 Online Monitoring and Alarm Indication of Status of Air for Automation EWN11 2014
320 Wireless Communication, Monitoring and Security System Embedded Safety Helmet for Real Time Applications EWN12 2014
321 Hardware Implementation of Automated Pantry Order System using ZIGBEE EMZ1 2014
322 Design and implementation of flowers watering control system based on the zigbee EMZ2 2014
323 A Zigbee Based Inter-Processor Communication Architecture for the Management of Bedchambers for the Physically Challenged EMZ3 2014
324 The Hardware Design of Natural Rubber Plantation Temperature and Humidity Collecting System Based On Zigbee EMZ4 2014
325 Zigbee Based Indoor Campus Inventory Tracking using RFID Module EMZ5 2014
326 Zigbee based Wireless Air Pollution Monitoring System Using Low Cost and Energy Efficient Sensors EMZ6 2014
327 Wireless Monitoring of Soil Moisture, Temperature & Humidity using Zigbee in Agri. EMZ7 2014
328 Under Water Wireless Control using Zigbee for Transmissions Systems EMZ8 2014
329 An RTOs based Architecture for Industrial Monitoring using ZIGBEE Wireless Network Stacks with Multi-Processor Support EMZ9 2014
330 Automatic Solar Powered Water Pumping Using Zigbee Technology EMZ10 2014
331 A zigbee and embedded based security monitoring and control system EMZ11 2014
332 Design and Implementation of Zigbee-RFID Based Vehicle Tracking EMZ12 2014
333 Design of intelligent swift parking system (SPS) using ultrasonic detectors and zigbee EMZ13 2014
334 Design of Punctuality Enhanced Bus Transportation System Using GSM and Zigbee EMZ14 2014
335 Zigbee based Wireless Electronic Scale and its Network Performance Analysis for the EMZ15 2014
336 Intelligent Helmet for Coal Miners with Voice over Zigbee and Environmental Monitoring EMZ16 2014
337 Zigbee based Location System for Forest Search and Rescue Missions EMZ17 2014
338 A Parameter Monitoring using Zigbee Protocol for three phase Induction Motors EMZ18 2014
339 Design & Implementation of an Energy Control System for Zigbee Based Home Automation Networks EMZ19 2014
340 Zigbee based voice controlled wireless smart home system EMZ20 2014
341 Advanced Rescue System for Industrial Monitoring using ZIGBEE, GSM and FPGA EMZ21 2014
342 Zigbee based Waste Bin Monitoring System EMZ22 2014
343 Product Management & Shopping Guidance System using GSM & OOPs EMZ23 2014
344 Design of Heavy Metals Monitoring System in Water Based on WSN and GPRS EGS1 2014
345 Household Security System Based on Ultrasonic Sensor Technology with SMS Notification EGS2 2014
346 A Secure SMS Model in E-Commerce Payment using Combined AES and ECC Encryption Algorithms EGS3 2014
347 Use of ultrasonic sensors, GPS and GSM technology to implement alert and tracking system for Blind Man EGS4 2014
348 Rescue System for Coal Mine Workers using Different Sensors Based on GSM and RF-PRO EGS5 2014
349 Real-Time GPS Receiver System Implementation for Providing Location Based Services and SMS Tracking EGS6 2014
350 Monitoring and Protection of Remote Area Transformers Using GSM Technology EGS7 2014
351 Voter Identification and Detection System using RFID and GSM to stop rigging in the elections EGS8 2014
352 GSM based Automated Irrigation Control using Rain gun Irrigation System EGS9 2014
353 Location based industrial monitoring & system using 3g wireless technology EGS10 2014
354 Automatic Mobile Phone Usage Prevention While Driving Using GSM Technology EGS11 2014
355 Voice and GPS Based Navigation System for Visually Impaired EGS12 2014
356 A Sensor Based Web GIS System for Urban Sewage Monitoring EGS13 2014
357 Design of women safety system using RFID, 8051microcontroller and GSM based technologya prototype EGS14 2014
358 Design of RFID Based Student Attendance System with Notification to Parents Using GSM EGS15 2014
359 An Enhanced Digital Campus Security System Using RFID, GPS, GSM EGS16 2014
360 Implementation of GSM Based Water Meter A Step towards Automation in Billing System EGS17 2014
361 Design of GSM based Talking Energy Meter EGS18 2014
362 Design and implementation of modular home security system with SMS EGS19 2014
363 Remote Control and Administration of Computer Network via SMS EGS20 2014
364 GPS Based Tour Guide Assistance with Voice Announcement EGS21 2014
365 Multi-Modality Biometric Assisted Smart Card Based Ration Distribution System EMS1 2014
366 Implementation of Embedded System Using RFID and Alcohol Sensor at the Toll Plaza EMS2 2014
367 Application of contactless card reading technology for e- authentication of voters in Nigeria EMS3 2014
368 Secure Password Authentication System Using Smart Card EMS4 2014
369 RFID and GPS Combination Approach Implementation in Fisher Boat Tracking System EMS5 2014
370 Design and` development of RFID based intelligent security system EMS6 2014
371 Implementation of a Tour Guide Robot System Using RFID Technology and Viterbi EMS7 2014
372 ID-Based Certificateless Electronic Cash on Smart Card against Identity Theft and Financial Card Fraud EMS8 2014
373 Automated Village Council System Using RFID EMS9 2014
374 Design and Implementation of a Teacher-Student Interaction System Based On ZIGBEE and RFID EMS10 2014
375 Providing Security and Authentication in RFID Devices using IBE based HECC EMS11 2014
376 Design of A New Universal Reader RFID Antenna Eye-Shaped in UHF Band EMS12 2014
377 Towards a New Modality-Independent Interface for a Robotic Wheelchair ERB1 2014
378 Human–Robot Collaboration Based on Motion Intention Estimation ERB2 2014
379 Human-Inspired Control of Bipedal Walking Robots ERB3 2014
380 A New Wheelchair Ergometer Designed as an Admittance-Controlled Haptic Robot ERB4 2014
381 Walking Intent-Based Movement Control for JAIST Active Robotic Walker ERB5 2014
382 Development of a Laser-Range-Finder-Based Human Tracking and Control Algorithm for a Marathoner Service Robot ERB6 2014
383 Wet Adhesion Inspired Bionic Climbing Robot ERB7 2014
384 Implementing Flexible and Fast Turning Maneuvers of a Multijoint Robotic Fish. ERB8 2014
385 Bioinspired Hydrodynamic Force Feedforward for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Control ERB9 2014
386 Designing and Evaluating a Social Gaze-Control System for a Humanoid Robot ERB10 2014
387 Driving Assistance by Deictic Control for a Smart Wheelchair: The Assessment Issue ERB11 2014
388 Programming Robots to Express Emotions: Interaction Paradigms, Communication Modalities, and Context ERB12 2014
389 Design of Sensing System and Anticipative Behavior for Human Following of Mobile Robots ERB13 2014
390 Heartbeat Synchronization With Haptic Feedback for Telesurgical Robot ERB14 2014
391 Laser-Guided Underwater Mobile Robot for Reactor Vessel Inspection ERB15 2014
392 The MEI Robot: Towards Using Motherese to Develop Multimodal Emotional Intelligence ERB16 2014
393 Control configured design of spheroidal, Appendage-Free,Underwater Vehicles ERB17 2014
394 EEG-Based Brain-Controlled Mobile Robots: A Survey ERB18 2014
395 An Integrated Electrooculography and Desktop Input Bimodal Interface to Support Robotic Arm Control ERB19 2014
396 Wireless Multi Axis ROBOT for Multi-Purpose Operations ERB20 2014
397 Towards a New Modality-Independent Interface for a Robotic Wheelchair ERB21 2014
398 The design and development of a head mounted Tongue Drive Power Wheelchair Controller ERB22 2014
399 Controlling a Mobile Robot with Natural Commands based on Voice and Gesture ERB23 2014
400 GSM Based Arial Photography Using Remote Flying Robot ERB24 2014
401 Voice Recognition Robotic Dog Guides For Visually Impaired People ERB25 2014
402 Design and Motion Planning of Two Module Indoor Pipeline Robot ERB26 2014
403 Distance Estimation and Direction Determination of the Person-Following Robot ERB27 2014
404 Finger Actions Sensing-Based Robot Motion Authoring System ERB28 2014
405 Quad copter flight control using a low-cost hybrid interface with EEG-based classification and eye tracking ERB29 2014
406 Intelligent Robotic Arm for the Deaf and Dumb ERB30 2014
407 EEG Based Brain Controlled Robot ERB31 2014
408 Design and implementation of seeding and fertilizing agriculture robot ERB32 2014
409 Microcontroller Based Neural Network Controlled Low Cost Autonomous Vehicle ERB33 2014
410 Speed and Vibration Performance as well as Obstacle Avoidance Performance of Electric Wheel Chair Controlled by Human Eyes Only ERB34 2014
411 Implementation of home cybernation and control of spy robot using internet protocol ERB35 2014
412 Design and implementation of e-surveillance robot for video monitoring and living body ERB36 2014
413 Design and Development of VoiceTelie Operated Intelligent Mobile Robot ERB37 2014
414 A Mobile Robot Navigation System Using RFID Technology ERB38 2014
415 Automatic Floor Cleaner (The Wireless Wiper) ERB39 2014
416 Design and Development of Dual Control System Applied to Smart Wheelchair using Voice and Gesture Control ERB40 2014
417 Real time video controlled traction for surveillance robots in coal mine ERB41 2014
418 Improving safety with obstacle detection and track following car using sensor, GPS ERB42 2014
419 Voice and Touchpad Operated Circuit for Wheel Chair ERB43 2014
420 Bomb detection and defusion in planes by application of robotics ERB44 2014
421 Robot navigation system with RFID and ultrasonic sensors ERB45 2014
422 Development of automated aerial pesticide sprayer ERB46 2014
423 A 4-Wheeled Drudge for Rescue Operation ERB47 2014
424 Mobile Rescue Robot for Human Body Detection in Rescue Operation of Disaster ERB48 2014
425 Robotic Cable Inspection System Using Microcontroller and GPS Tracker ERB49 2014
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